About Us


My name is Jonathan Patrick, and I want to help you find your ideal woman!


I have created this website to help people seeking love and happiness online.


For a very long time, I thought that online communication could not be effective. However, after finding my true love via an online dating site, I realized that so many people like me are missing opportunities for finding soul mates. I have become a professional wife seeker – a person who offers you information about dating platforms, tips on how to seek a perfect bride, and other information.


The purpose of this site is to share my experience as a user of online dating and help you understand that there are many things that you don’t know about this industry. The world is full of people who are not aware of the benefits and advantages that mail order bride services can offer. And here, at international-wife.com, I try to shed some light on this topic.


On this website, you may find dozens of articles that I wrote based on my experience and information that I managed to gather online. You will also find a few articles about the most popular and reliable online dating sites. I personally used and checked all of the platforms that I recommend, which is why you can be sure that I do not recommend you something shady or fraudulent!