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Asian Bride: Who are Asian Women for Marriage?

Have you ever realized that many beauty ads fetishize Asian women a lot? Perhaps you are into them too right? We even bet you harbor thoughts of dating one. Guess what; you don’t actually need to be in China, Vietnam, Thailand, or any other Asian country to nail your perfect date.

Thanks to the world wide web, now you can get in contact with girls from other countries. However, like other online interactions, there are a few things you need to know and do to be successful. Keep reading to learn how you can easily find an Asian wife of your dreams.asian woman looking forward

Peculiarities of Asian Mail Order Wives

People are predictable, and that is why we tend to share some similarities. Nevertheless, there are minor differences that exist as you cross from one border to another. If you’ve been keen about Asian girls and your interest keeps spiking, maybe it’s time to make a move. Without further blabbering, let’s take a quick look at the peculiarities of Asian women:

Exotic beauty

There are countless pretty girls in western countries with pale, tanned, or dark skin. Their hairstyles are as diverse too. But you are already used to them, right? And maybe (just maybe) there are things you don’t like about them that made you shift your attention to oriental girls.

Asian girls are gorgeous, and no one would blame you for having an interest in them. Their small faces, thin bodies, and jet-black hair are merely a few of their loveliest features. So if you really like such physiques, then you should go ahead and date one.

They are into foreigners

Consider yourself lucky for being born in Europe, America, Australia, and other developed countries. Taxes may be considerably higher, but here’s something to warm your heart; girls from other parts of the world wish they could bump into you.asian girl

It should be obvious why foreigners fancy guys like you. First, you have a well-paying job, love holidaying and you probably drive (even if it’s a mini cooper, it’s still a car). Furthermore, marrying you means they get to brag to their friends about being plugged (if you know what we mean) by a champ from abroad).

Hesitance to voice their complaints all the time

Asian ladies are immensely down to earth in comparison to Europeans and Americans. They always try their best to shy away from drama. For MOST western girls, drama is their middle name. Sure, there are instances where they become humble, but they do get fed up quickly.

So if you are a person who values submission more than anything, then you need to consider Asian girls. Don’t worry about the process of doing this. This piece is extensive and will teach you every step you must take to find an Asian wife online.

Let’s move on to the next character.

They love food

It’s obvious Americans love good food, too. However, there’s a big difference. Where western folks dart in fast food shops for microwaved and refrigerated meals, an Asian woman prefers the freshness of well-cooked meals. The one she has cooked herself. So if you happen to get an original Asian doll, count yourself among the lucky few who eat healthy meals.asian girl on the field

The Do’s and Don’ts of Dating Asian Girls

Humanity fucks up a lot. We tend to drive a wedge in something that is running smoothly. If you are out and about looking for the best Asian wife, then you owe it to yourself to act right from the word go. Here are a couple of dos and don’ts to keep in mind while wooing an Asian princess:


Do treat her like an equal partner — every man deserves love, respect, and loyalty of her woman. He deserves to be regarded as the head of the family. After all, you are her protector, isn’t that right? However, this doesn’t mean you should tower over her and command to be worshipped. That ain’t love.

Do learn her language — it goes without saying that the Asian wife you found probably speaks a “little” English. Even if she doesn’t, then chances are she is going to learn. If you expect much adoration and appreciation from her, it would be great if you learn her language too.

Do support her in everything she does: you got a beautiful Asian wife that loves and adores you. The best way to keep that fire burning is by being a supportive husband. Cheer her up, provide for the family, listen to her, and above all, be a shoulder she can lean on.asian woman


Do not make her feel Asian — there is a way you can make someone feel special for being of a different nationality. But it’s also very easy to come off as racist. During your first days together, try not to dig in too much about your backgrounds. Instead, focus on knowing each other. With time, it will be easy to talk about your different roots without igniting conflict.

Don’t insist that she does everything you want — you have to understand human beings are different. Therefore, your wife will have her own preferences, and that is okay. Don’t PUSH her to do or love anything she doesn’t like.

Do not cheat on her — perhaps most of your local relationships fail because you keep cheating. That’s not cool, but to some extent, it’s expected. However, it can be so inconsiderate of you to go abroad for a girl of your dreams just to break her heart with a local girl.

Let’s move on to another vital section.

The Do’s and Don’ts Of Online Dating

You know what you are looking for and where to get it. There’s one more thing you need to know-online dating can be like walking on a minefield. Without caution and proper practice, you can blow things up. This section is dedicated to teaching you a few do’s and don’ts of online dating.dreaming asian girl

Let’s begin with the dos:

Do make your profile as detailed as possible — Your profile gives your possible lover a glimpse of who you are. They will say yes or no to your proposal if they like what they see. It right to assume you don’t want to get so many “no’s” so how about adding some pizzazz to your online profile?

Your Asian wife (to be) is out there hoping for someone with a sweet spirit, a cheerful heart and well-groomed. Let these attractive features showcase themselves in your profile.

Do keep trying — Not every girl is going to say “yes” the first time you propose. There might be a little cat and mouse game for a couple of weeks until it starts to feel like a treadmill ride-no progress. Don’t ever back down. Keep trying different angles and techniques. You might get lucky. This world is for those who don’t know how or when to stop. But if you’ve given it your best efforts and nothing is forthcoming, it’d be okay to check out other people.

Do keep your expectations to a limit — it’s going to take several trials to get the Asian girl of your dreams. Everything on her profile might add up, but in person, she might end up to be a totally different package. That’s okay. If anything, you should expect a few failures before finally meeting the right person. So before traveling to meet your potential Asian wifes, do lots of video and SMS talks first.

Do meet on an event or any other activity — have you ever seen a movie where a guy bumps into an incredibly beautiful girl, and he freezes? This can happen in real life too. To avoid the awkwardness of having to stare at each other in a coffee shop, meet somewhere active. This could be an art gallery, a football match, or a musical event.

However, if you are a conversationalist and words come to you naturally, then feel free to meet anywhere your date feels comfortable.

Do let your intentions be known — you are not just looking for someone who will say yes to you. Rather, you want someone that might like you a bit more and not just for what you have. So make your intentions be known to avoid wasting each other’s time.

And now to the don’ts

Do not contact her too much at the beginning — the road to doom is paved with uncontrollable speed. You are an adult, not an impatient teenager. A non-ceasing spurt of emails and DMs might get you blocked when you could have been the one. So leave speed dating to young fellows and proceed with moderation.

asian woman near window

So how many emails or messages are a lot? Well, sorry but there is no clear cut answer. You have to use personal discretion. Does she seem to enjoy the conversation? If she is, then keep going for a while (this could be an hour or two). If you have her number, do call her a few times a week.

Once things start picking pace or she sends a message before you do, that means you are making progress. It could be time to as for face to face meet up.

Don’t pretend to be someone else — the girls you’ll be talking to may be single, but they are not lonely Asian wives. After all, their profile is public on the platform, and anyone can slide in their DMs. This means you need to up your game without being a fake.

In an attempt to nail a date, many men get the temptation to provide false info. Don’t say you are an actor if you are not. Don’t pretend to drive a Benz when you own a corolla. And don’t say you are friends with Chris Hemsworth when you are not even a fan of Marvel movies. Just be you, and do you.

Don’t entertain too many profiles at ago — For someone whose life has been a tad too silent, it can be easy to get lost in checking out so many girls. You need to entertain only a manageable number. This will help you to be actively in touch with all of them. Remember laser is focused, and that’s why it tears through things. Be focused!

Don’t be too naïve: we strongly believe you already have a bit of dating experience. Thus you can tell if someone is really into you or not. Read the tale-tell signs to know if you need to gear up or jump ship.

Be clear about what you want or what you can offer. This should be done during the first chats to avoid spending too much time together only to realize the two of you have different expectations. Also, make sure you are talking to a real human, not a bot. You’ll find more on that ahead.

Choosing The Best Mail Order Bride Website

Have you ever tried dating via mail order bride solutions before? If you haven’t, then there is a lot you don’t know. There is a gazillion of websites out there masquerading as the real thing when they are far from that. So how do you tell the difference? Here’s how:

The homepage outlook

If you spend a considerable amount of time reading online, then you know what a good interface looks like. For some reason, scam dating services rarely take a minute to refine their work. They simply copy and paste or quickly put together something without ever having a second look.deaming asian woman

Glowing user ratings and reviews

One of the best ways to know if an online agency is legit or a scam is by browsing through the multiple reviews left by previous users. In fact, this is the juiciest and probably the best factor ever. Why is that so? Because it’s tough to forge so many customer reviews.

The higher the rating, the better the site is at helping people find their ideal Asian wives. Usually, a good number of 3, 4, and 5 stars means the site doesn’t meet users’ needs. Make sure the number of reviews are many. Don’t try out brand new sites unless someone you trust referred you.

Abundance of features

A reliable dating site must have many useful features like live chat, search box, and possibly mobile apps. 24/7 live chat is the best way to talk to customer care when you need something done urgently. The search box helps you narrow your options by focusing on girls from a particular race or location.

The mobile app, on the other hand, helps to keep you in touch with your would-be lover in case you are away from the PC.

So many girls available

The more the number of girls available, the easier it will get for you to get a potential Asian wife for sale. You still need to be cautious even up to this stage. Some people get themselves matched with a truly romantic bot.asian woman on the bed

How do I know I’m talking to a bot? It’s not that hard. To begin with, they are amazingly fast at responding. You type “hello,” and the reply comes faster than you can spell ALOHA. The reply is prompt because they have a database of messages ready for every kind of line you will type.

Secondly, their replies are boringly generic. This is because they are canned messages coming out of non-sophisticated chatbots. Lastly, a scamming chatbot usually won’t engage you for long before dropping a bait.

So if you get asked to click on a link, download something, or use your credit card, run and never come back. Another way to pin down a bot is by asking it personal questions like, where did you go to school? What is the name of your childhood friend? Most bots-even-advanced cannot generate answers to human questions.

Safety and privacy

You should be concerned about where your data goes and how it will be used. So before you sign up with your details including the credit card, do a bit of research on your own and ask to know if your info is safe. On your part, read the terms of use to know who exactly will have access to your data before signing up.

What Is The Cost Of Using Mail Order Bride Service?

You are probably wondering how much it’s going to cost you to get the most beautiful Asian wife. There is no clear cut price tag like you see on Amazon products. So we are only going to give you accurate approximations.

The average amount you might spend while dating online can be broken down into the following categories:

Agency fees: before you access the website, you need to pay for agency or subscription fee. This fee can be paid once (one time) or after a couple of months, and it’s mostly non-refundable.

Credit: Credit refers to a unique form of tokens used on a certain platform. You will trade real currency for them. The tokens will be used up when sending a message or virtual gift. Depending with the site you pick, you might need a minimum of $10 to buy credits.

On some websites, a single token could go for a few cents while on others, you need as much as $7. When you send a message, at least one credit will be used. Some websites don’t charge anything to read the response-probably because the lady paid something too. Nevertheless, some sites will charge you for opening the response.

asian woman with flowers

By the way, some sites bill not by the message you send. Rather, by every minute you and the girl are in the chat box. The charges become more if you chose to video call or send media. This mode of pricing is expensive and thus ideal to those with fat bank accounts.

Travel expenses: Remember the girl you are talking to is far away in another country. Once the two of you have done so much online talking and are now super in love, it may be time to finally meet. This is where you need to be ready with a lot of bucks.

In some cases, your would-be Asian wife might demand that you visit their country first. In such cases, your expenses will be super high if you factor in things like hotel accommodation, food, taxi and probably fun time.

Bureaucratic expenses: There is a possibility the girl you are interested in has never traveled to your country before. This means you will be sending money for transport, passport, and anything else needed while preparing to fly to Canada, Australia, the US or UK. Once she arrives, you need to have another stash ready for immigration procedures.

These are merely a few of the expenses you need to anticipate. Some sites state that you might spend a minimum of $5,000 to get a mail order bride. Don’t fret. This value can be more or less depending on the site as well as the girl you are dating. If she is not too demanding, and the two of you get along well in a few months, you might not feel any burden.

Wrapping It All Up

There is a lot that happens in the online dating world. Some people have been lucky to get reliable partners, while others lost a lot of money without getting anything in return. Do you know what the difference is between those two stories? Due diligence-nothing more.

If you do your homework well and sign up with legit Asian wife finder platforms, you will never get scammed. However, if you start going for extremely cheap services with subpar reviews, be ready for anything.

Prior to signing up to a platform, make sure they have thousands of girls, 24/7 customer service, affordable charges, robust privacy policies, search filters, well-designed mobile app, and powerful chat features.

The girl you are dating has to meet your requirements or demands. Marriage needs someone who can be a little understanding. During your short time of online chatting and video calling, make sure you like a lot about her, and she does the same. Otherwise, both of you will waste each other’s time.

There will be countless girls at your disposal. Take your time to know a few, but don’t get lost or confused. Once she arrives in your country, you are now not only her lover but her protector as well. Happy hunting!

Last Updated: May 2024

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