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Thai Bride: Who are Thai Women for Marriage?

Finding the best woman to marry can prove to be just another “needle in the haystack” activity. Sure there are billions of them in the world, but that doesn’t seem to help either. If anything, keep switching from one to another without getting lucky.

Do you admire Thai brides and want to marry a Thai woman? Have you been pondering about dating one? Well, today is your lucky day. This article will hold your hand and guide through all the right steps you must accomplish to date the best Thai girl. Seatbelt-check, fuel level-check. Now, let’s get this ride on the road.
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Major Characteristics of Thai Brides

Most human beings are largely predictable and thus similar in a way. However, as you move from one continent to another, some slight peculiarities begin to emerge. Take the Indian dressing, for instance; it differs a lot from what you see in the US or Europe. If you are planning to find a Thai wife, you should know a few of their core characteristics.

They are euphemistic

Thai girls are some of the most gentle and well-behaved in the world. They have been brought up through a system that values decency, honesty, and good manners. After all, most of their sentences end in “Kha” which depicts politeness.

This is not to say they don’t swear. They do, but only when with close friends. Sure, once in a while they might use profane language but not at the serious rate western girls do. Still on manners and politeness, in Thai, girls are not expected to sit or rest their legs on the table. So when it comes to behavior, you have nothing to worry about That brides. Their mannerism has no comparison.
thai woman near window

Docile and down to earth

The gospel of independence, aggressiveness and pursuing one’s goal for the girl child in western countries has reached its peak. Now, their population of educated women is almost, if not over that of men. Virtually all working ladies have cars, houses, and expensive phones. However, the one thing most western girls are not getting is the art of being considerate and docile.

Rattle them a little, and you’ll have yourself an explosive argument that drives the two of you apart. For some reason, being successful is working is against them when it should be making a relationship better. Finding a wife in Thailand can bring you so much relief.

Some of these girls are already well-educated and without a flair for undesirable behavior. However, you should know that every human being has an elastic limit — the point where they can no longer take a crap. This means you need to be well-behaved for her to keep her good vibe intact.

Organized housewives

Thai women for marriage, like their mothers, keep their houses in order. It doesn’t matter how much they have during the day. The house has to be in an impeccable state. Your clothes will be pressed, the utensils will be sparkling clean, and the garage will be in order by the time you arrive from work.

While women from other regions do the same, sometimes they will demand your input or request that you buy electrical appliances to quicken the process. It’s perfectly okay and expected of you to employ a house help and buy appliances.

However, there are those days when both of those are not available, and visitors are on their way — that’s when you appreciate the value of having a Thailand born wife.
thai bride Note that your help is needed and it’s usually better when it comes voluntarily. After all, no one wants to see their beloved breaking their backs in the name of keeping the house in order.

Respect for parents

Women and their mothers-in-law! Their relationship strain is something you see in American sitcoms. Men are filled with so much pride when they get a girl that not only relates well with his parents, but they love her too — nothing is more valuable than that. If you really want a woman that will value your parents and even put in some effort to take care of them, find a Thai wife — no one else.

They go so far in their service you might even start to wonder if you got her for you or for them, but hey, that’s super awesome, isn’t it?

Debunking Mail Order Bride Myths

There is so much misinformation going around about mail order brides, and I am pretty sure you’ve come across a few. The funny thing is, those folks that are yapping about it have never dated a mail bride before. They simply want to talk or post something to keep their audiences entertained.
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Because you are serious about dating an Asian lady, I will debunk a few myths about mail order brides so you can be at peace.

Mail order brides are after wealth

The online world is full of scammers, thieves, idlers, and heaven knows what else. We actually cannot deny that there is a girl somewhere who is waiting to chop money from you. However, anyone who keeps telling you that Thai mail order brides are usually after your wallet is not being entirely honest. You must believe that there are people out there like you who want nothing more than to love and be loved back. Take Thailand wives, for instance; they are raised to be excellent mothers, wives, and lovers.

They are empathetic, not detached. A good number of them don’t even condone the idea of getting married just for fun. There is a way to avoid being conned, and it begins with you choosing a legit dating website. Fake websites and those that list women without interviewing them are out for profit too. A few minutes of comparing wife finder platforms can save you so much money, time, and trouble.
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There is also something called the sixth sense. A few miles into your communication should give you a glimpse of what a girl is like. A girl that gets pumped up every time you text or video call (and at times or emails before you do,) is a genuine lover.

Let’s get practical a bit. We all would feel bad if someone gets interested in what we have rather than who we are. Unfortunately (and fortunately for those with money) the current world revolves around money. Yeah, that’s the truth.

Imagine someone leaving Thailand, India, or Japan to come to your country, hoping life would be fair only to end up in the same damn situation. What does this mean? It means your ability to provide is your leverage — and that’s a good thing, don’t you think? Once the girl arrives, be a gentleman and make her genuinely love you. It’s not hard. Bottom line; vet everyone you date. If things don’t seem right, just back off.

They are uneducated

Not all mail order wives are illiterate. Some have been through colleges and universities. It’s only the lack of jobs and their desire to try life elsewhere that motivates them to sign up for online dating. Let’s say you want to buy a Thai mail order wife, for instance; there won’t be just one profile. You will have multiple options to pick from. This means you can get a girl that is educated to the level you prefer.

They are afraid of the Kitchen

Despite widespread feminism in the US, UK and some parts of the world, there are still women who are hardworking both in the kitchen and at their workplace. If your mail order bride comes from the west, maybe you need to worry a bit.
sleeping thai woman
However, if you want a true wife material, then you got to try out girls from Thailand. They are indeed unique in many ways.

They have a problem

Why would someone super-hot be unable to get a date offline? Could she be a drama queen? Is she a player? These are a few of the questions many people ask themselves while dating online. And there are those who don’t even speculate.

They just conclude that any girl who cannot find a husband offline has a problem. Mail order brides (at least many of them) are well-behaved, and they are not super desperate to marry abroad. Some upload their details for fun and end up meeting a nice guy like you.

At your own free time, try to google up the success of this kind of arrangement, and you’ll be shocked. It has worked for so many people. Much of the things people say online are actually unsubstantiated. The only way to know the truth is to walk the road. Online dating is awesome. If anything, it’s one of the best ways to escape the douchebags within your locality.

The Pros and Cons of Dating Thai Mail Order Wives

There are two sides to everything in life. Nothing is perfect but that’s the beauty of mother earth. If you are into Thai ladies, we believe you want to know everything there is to know before making a move. Alright, no need to warm up to it; let’s hit it off with pros.

The merits of dating Thai girls

You get the respect you deserve as a husband: Thailand is still majorly a patriarchal society where men lead the way. We believe you would feel happy knowing that your woman doesn’t compete, rather she lets you rule the jungle. Just don’t let this go to your head or demand too much adoration.
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She is portable

Yeah, western girls are portable too but not like Thai. These ladies are mostly slender with nice features that make them look like figure 8. This makes it easy to romantically lift them up for a happy moment. If you are into plus size, many options abound too.

A good chef

In Thai, having a house help doesn’t mean the wife will be free all the time. Well, if the one you got has a princess attitude, she will sink on the couch and keep you company in the main room. However, those who were raised according to Thai traditions must cook for you and do a few more things before finally resting. Even if you tell them not to bother with the kitchen, they might not listen.

Totally submissive

How does it feel to have someone who listens to what you say without giving you an attitude? It surely feels good. Submissiveness is common among Thailand women. If you talk to a western girl with a raised voice, she will either respond with the same intensity or keep quiet and tell her friend later that you are becoming a pain in the butt.

Works with what you have

Thai girls will not send you to your grave early through unnecessary pressure. If you lack something, she will be okay doing without it. She won’t push you to keep up with your neighbor. Try other breeds — “honey we need a new car”, “honey there is a new flatscreen in the market. Can we upgrade?” The bottom line, Thai wives are the best.

The cons of dating Thai girls

Not so adventurous in bed

Western girls and hot sex are like bread and butter — they go together. Any style you can ever think of she will deliver and even amaze you with something new. Such high-intensity sex and extreme charm aren’t so common among Thailand girls. Nevertheless, if you love someone so much, then the rest doesn’t carry too much weight.

She will expect you to learn her language and culture

For two people to become on, they must be able to know and understand the other person’s side. This means you should to learn not just how she operates but her language and traditions. Obviously no one will expect you to adhere to a strange tradition — you just need to learn it. While this may not sound so bad, but it kinda requires commitment.

She could come with baggage

No one is ever alone in this world, including Thai mail order wives. If their family back at home is not well off, once in a while, she will look to you for help. Additionally, some agree to leave their homeland only if you promise to help them go through college in your country. For some men, this can be a tall order.
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The 5 Commandments of Mail Order Bride Dating

So many people have been either silly, ignorant, naive, or reckless while dating online. The repercussions? They ended up losing their money, date, or both. Internet dating is a different kind of beast, and you must know how to tackle it. Here are a few commandments to observe while dating through mail order services.

#1. Do not say something you don’t mean

Everyone likes being liked. A few compliments, especially the well-timed ones, make us feel lucky and adored. However, anyone who over-compliments or says things they don’t mean will come off as cheesy. If you like her darker hair, better have a good reason because there are many people with dark hair too. How about telling her that you like the way her long hair tucks into her twist V-neck blouse? That’s unique, right? The point here is, do not be over-ambitious with words. It’s better to appear less fun that a people pleaser.

#2. Do not misuse emojis

Emojis were meant to spruce up conversations, not end them. Sadly, some people have the audacity to begin a conversation with them (probably a hi-five or stuck out tongue). You barely know someone, and you dare begin with an emoji? You will get blocked. Begin conversations professionally like a mature adult. This is the best way to show you are serious about dating a Thai bride online. The best time to get sassy with emojis is when she agrees to date you.

#3. Do not lie

The failure or success of your date begins with what’s on your profile and what you say. Whatever you post on your profile has to be authentic. For instance, a picture that you took 10 years ago on a company vacation in Miami shows nothing about your current life.

You have aged and probably changed locations. Use a recent photo so the Thailand woman you are about to date can decide whether she is okay with that or not. The problem with old photos is that maybe you were too young and a real hunk. If she falls in love with that then the current you will lose. If your picture is okay, then the next thing you should not do is say lies.

Be factual about where you live, your profession, likes and dislikes. Do not pretend because lies are a ticking time bomb. And when they explode, things will get nastier than you imagined. The good thing about being truthful is that you get loved exactly the way you are.

#4. Do not seriously consider the counsel of those who met offline

If you are close friends with a couple that met offline, it’s possible that they comfort you from time to time. They even affirm that your better half is somewhere out there. And it’s only a matter of time before you meet. That’s usually correct.

However, the moment you decide to date via the internet, their advice ceases to make sense. They are not qualified to give valid judgment. Only a person who has gone through this type of courtship can. If you choose to listen to them, then know where to draw the line. If you need spot-on answers, try checking out Quora, Reddit and other blogs that publish stories about online mail order brides.

Do not ignore your safety

Safety and privacy are two of the most important things to keep in mind. The internet is not your relative — it doesn’t know or care about. You must look out for yourself. So you mean I could get conned while searching for Thailand wives for sale?

Yeah, you can get duped. Not every mail order bride solution you bump into is going to be legit. Amid all the reliable services, a few scams out there are waiting for you to take the bait and bang! You lose your money. Just like that.

To avoid nasty experiences, do a thorough investigation of a few sites you are interested in. An excellent service could have the following: a mobile app, professional interface (nothing cluttered), hundreds to thousands of female profiles, robust anti-scam policies, privacy protection, affordability, and much more.

Wrapping It All Up

So now you know what needs to be done to get your ideal Thai wife. We bet you are pretty psyched to get this thing started with. That’s the spirit. A few pointers though; nothing is ever black and white. Some of your dates may not go the way you wished. Nevertheless, you have to keep going. Along the way, make a few adjustments to your profile after each failure without being dishonest.

If money is an issue, then you might want to look out for affordable services that list out Thailand wives for sale. A Thai woman is a true blessing for anyone who wants a real woman. She will cook for you, keep your house in order and take care of you in ways no other woman could. As we wind this up, how about we leave you with The Hunger Games quote “May the odds forever be in your favor.” Happy love hunting!

Last Updated: March 2024

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